Dhillon on Robert Mueller Pulling a Comey

Robert Mueller Pulls a Comey

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Robert Mueller Pulling a Comey

According to Dhillon:

Absolutely, Laura and I disagree with Sol here. Do the difference is that Mueller is now trying to rewrite his epitaph. His epitaph was going to be before he took this assignment that he was the G-man consummate professional “I’m going to do the right thing” but he obviously didn’t like all the chatter after his smear attack did not meet its mark and so he’s trying to rewrite that right now. But I think it’s worse than that Laura, I think that by coming out and saying, dropping this, has to have the last word. So, it’s not enough to come out and smear the president again like his report does, but then he also has to say “I’m not going to answer any question from Congress or the Senate, I’m gone. I have the last word.”

But Dershowitz said it and others have said it and it’s very obvious that you cannot in his role take the role of judge, jury and executioner which is what he tried to do. Now, somebody else noted that he indicted 13 Russian nationals, they actually have more of a presumption of innocence in Mueller’s world than Trump. Because, at least they’re going to get a trial, but he’s already declared him guilty without having the trial.

Exactly. He had to have the last word.

No, I don’t think you are, Laura.

Well, I’m a civil rights attorney and the reality is that the prosecutor has amazing powers. He has the power to go on to a grand jury without the defense present and make his case. Balance against that is his duty under the DOJ guideline, not come out and smear somebody the way that he did. On top of that, he made the illogical argument that he rubbed in again today he did not have the right to indict the president.

Well, I think it really raised more questions than it answered, Laura because if he can’t indict the president, why did he take the assignment in the first place? Why did he even do this? It’s illogical for him to go down that way.

He didn’t answer. He was kind of like a “Nyah. Nyah. Nyah.” on top of “I’m not going to do this.” and by the way “I can’t.” and by the way that’s why “I didn’t.” Actually, he did not have the right to exonerate him, that’s not his job.

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