Dhillon on Robert Mueller’s Mishaps

Robert Mueller’s Mishaps

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Robert Mueller’s Mishaps

According to Dhillon:

Thank you, Lou. Well, Lou, everything that the president said that you quoted it earlier in your segment is correct but then there’s a lot more. When you add up all these desperate parts with Robert Mueller saying “Oh, well, you know, president can’t be prosecuted. That’s unconstitutional.” Lou, why did he take the assignment in the first place? It doesn’t really add up Lou. We get told particularly in Washington with a bill of goods of these particular high-profile establishment figures like Robert Mueller and they say “Oh, he’s above reproach. He’s the best guy for the job.” Even some people on this network said that. It turns out to be business as usual. There can be no doubt today Lou that Robert Mueller is on the side of the Democrats. He did not have to respond to that subpoena and say that he’s going to testify. He should never have said anything even on that 9-minute press conference that he did. His report is an impeachment report which is not his job as special counsel. This shows me that the whole statute should be abolished. We should never again have these rogue prosecutors being able to go out there with unlimited budgets and hire Democrats and partisans and make a mockery of the Department of Justice. So, this should end after this.

Well, Lou, I think you put your finger on the problem which is that the president comes and goes in Washington but it’s actually the same cast of characters on both sides who tend to warm the seats for generations. That’s a real problem in our system because the allegiance tends to be to each other as opposed to the truth or the party or what’s good for the country or what’s good for the perception of the system of government going forward. For me, as a civil rights lawyer and somebody who believes in due process and equal protection, the fact that the Department of Justice is allowed to run a mock this way and train its immense power against not just specific individuals which you saw Paul Manafort and General Flynn and many others, but of the president of the United States to really substitute the judgment of these few solons inside the beltway for all the American voters is truly outrageous. Democrats should remember it’s happening to us today. It could happen to their president next time around and so we really can’t have this as Americans.

I agree, Lou, and we haven’t gotten to the bottom yet of these abuses the FISA court. I question whether that’s ever going to happen. That doesn’t seem to be the willpower to do that but I do hope that some of the Republicans and the Committees in the House are going to ask some hard questions on Mark Meadows and some others who have said that they’re going to do that. They’re going to ask why did Robert Mueller investigate after he knew there was no Russia collusion. Why did this take so long? Why haven’t they gotten to the bottom of the corruption in the FBI? I mean, I think we know the answer to that, it’s a rhetorical question. But those questions need to be asked and we need to have some answers before the next election.

A lot of fostering. I agree.

Thank you, Lou, I’m on it. Thank you, Lou.

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