Dhillon on SCOTUS Ruling on Wedding Cake Case

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Discusses Supreme Court ruling on Colorado wedding cake case with Charles Payne.

According to Dhillon:

The specific Pandora’s box is not likely to occur because this is a very narrow ruling and I caution conservatives to not spike the ball on this either and declare victory because what we really wanted the Supreme Court, all of the speech lawyers and conservatives who got involved in this case, is to say that as a matter of principle, somebody’s deeply held religious values could be used in this very narrow circumstance to say that I will not be compelled, I will not allow my speech to be compelled, to bake a cake for a religious sacrament that I do not agree with, and that’s not what the court ruled. And so, in fact, if this specific baker Jack Phillips were to today be confronted by a gay couple coming into his shop, and the Colorado civil rights commission was not as dumb as to personally attack him for his religious views and ridicule them, we might have a different outcome. And so, I think we have to be very careful and keep fighting this fight here.

Dhillon Discusses SCOTUS Ruling on Wedding Cake Case with Charles Payne from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

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