Dhillon on Tech Tyranny

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘ Tucker Carlson Tonight’ To Discuss Tech Tyranny

According to Dhillon:

[Google has] certainly attempted to destroy [Damore’s} career. They started out after firing him by smearing him in the international media and then continuing this narrative and hunting down people in the company who supported him internally, so full blown purge going on there at Google. They also, we believe, helped interfere with James’ job search. A prominent company in Silicon Valley called Hire.com that helps people in the high tech industry find jobs mysteriously, suddenly, disappeared James from its website within a day and has belligerently told us that they can pick and choose who they help which is actually not California law, you cannot do that. So we feel that there is a coordinated effort to make sure that not just James but people who espouse those types of views are hounded out of employment in Silicon Valley, which is very scary.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘ Tucker Carlson Tonight’ To Discuss Tech Tyranny from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

He is recently employed, because of the fact that people are being harassed for supporting him, he is keeping the location of his workplace confidential.

Those people who agreed with James are leaving the company involuntarily one by one, so it’s hard to find out. What Google has done is they’ve reported in the media in the wake of the whole controversy with James has actually tried to revamp its internal message board policies to appoint employees of the company to be “narcs” and spy on each other and report back to the management. I wouldn’t have though a year ago if you told me that this was happening in an American company that it would be true, but I guess that it fits with Google’s new move to china, where they assign social media scores or media scores or scores to people that then follow them throughout their lives so that the government can control whether you can travel based on this information. In Silicon Valley it’s almost the same thing. If you’re assigned a socially undesirable label by big tech then you’re out – persona non grata.

I don’t trust Google anymore. A lot of people use their services but I think people should be very careful and, again, not to bring in this other issue, but when they have all this information about you and they are openly agreeing to censorship at the demand of foreign countries, how long is it before can you expect to see that more openly done here? We know it already happens here with search results and so forth. You know, in a couple of years when they are doing business in China, are you going to be able to search for the Dalai Lama in America and get accurate search results? That’s a huge question we should be asking. The government should be asking that. These companies all operate with tremendous market power and they meet regularly. Last week there was a meeting of the top tech companies to talk about election interference. What does that really mean? They’re like a cartel in certain ways.

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