Dhillon on Trump’s Visit to California and Andrew McCabe

Trump’s Visit to California and Andrew McCabe

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Trump’s Visit to California and Andrew McCabe

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thanks Lou. It was amazing Lou. I got a chance to greet him at the airport and then ride with him to the event with my husband. We talked about all of these issues that you were talking about. The things that afflict California. The president is really very focused on making sure that California isn’t forgotten and that he definitely pays some attention to these issues. The homelessness, the border issues, the economic issues, the housing crisis here. He was very engaged. It was a very positive and amazing event, Lou. He’s actually very popular here despite what the mainstream media will tell you.

He’s very popular with Republicans as well as many ordinary Americans. And, I think that there are a lot of apathetic people who don’t vote in California because we only have one choice in many elections. We have a top two system here. But I think that’s going to come back and the president was asking me about how we could win in California. We have to make some reforms in terms of voting issues and so forth, but I don’t give up hope or I wouldn’t be living here anymore Lou.

Yeah. Well, what I say is — no, it is — that’s a fair point. It is a one-party system, and the people who have left are definitely the taxpayers, middle class Americans. That’s a bad scene. But we have a very significant housing shortage in California. That’s one of the reasons that people for quality of life reasons want to leave. We can change that. We can change the water situation, we can change the border, and we can change the overall environment here but it does require a change in political control here in California. So, we’re working on that, Lou.

Well, I definitely think that the growth of the administrative state has caused the swamp situation and the DOJ is no different than that. And so, while the president may come and the president may go and be able to replace the top 20, 50, 100 people. The same – it is like the tip of the iceberg, but it is worse than that. 99% of the people stay the same. And whether the administrations change or not, these guys all look out for each other. Our former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein actually was holding a position in the DOJ for eight years under Obama. So, you see there’s a culture of resistance to any type of change. President Trump is an outsider. He’s threatened to come and blow up the system and people in both parties who are part of the swamp including members of Congress.

He is. He absolutely is.

He is. He is.

Well, I think you are right, Lou, in the sense that Comey is likely to never be indicted. In terms of McCabe, he’s saying what any person who is in the dock will say that he’s not guilty and he intends to fight it. But I think his situation is a little different. But I share your concern because the rule of law requires that all citizens perceive that it is going to be applied equally particularly to the powerful. But that’s not the situation here.

We are the brightest people on Earth.

My pleasure, Lou.

Let me share with you, the president mentioned you and he’s a big fan.

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