Dhillon on Typhoid Fever in California

Typhoid Fever in California

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Typhoid Fever in California

According to Dhillon:

Happy to be here, Ed. It is a crisis situation in our cities in California, with a combination of the Ninth Circuit telling cities they can’t move people along and it’s okay to live on the streets, it’s a civil right, combined with feckless politicians who don’t want to at least try to balance or contain this problem. Now, L.A.P.D. officers have been issued heavier gloves to try to deal with this situation, with them having to come into contact with this human waste and diseases. But clearly it isn’t enough, now we have this problem inside the building and there’s apparently a third detective who may also be suffering these symptoms. We’re looking at a potentially plague, contagion, communicable diseases that’s going to affect population as a whole. It’s a huge problem.

That’s a lot hyperbole, Ed. But to Jehmu’s point, I’m sorry Jehmu, there is nothing compassionate about allowing people to live in squalid, medieval conditions on our streets. That’s absurd. As to the housing issue, and who you described as the homeless, I actually walked down the streets in San Francisco, every single day I walk to work, and it is not the kind of people you’re describing. It isn’t, you know, Les Misérables living out on the street, it is actually people who are mentally ill, using drugs on the street shooting up. The reason that we have a housing shortage in California is because of the Democrats running California. These simplistic answers are not the answer. But, listen, the politicians have a duty to all of the Americans who live in these cities, not just the homeless, but everybody. These diseases are going to actually start killing people. So, this is a no joke, this is not some kind a Liberal, Utopian experiment we should be doing with our people.

Talk about personal attacks. Unbelievable.

My final point is that we have 3 million illegal aliens in California. If we didn’t have those, we might have a little bit more housing available for the citizens.

I’m an immigrant, Jehmu. So, there.

My pleasure.

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