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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Unions

California is number one on that list. I’m sitting here in California, where there is this very unhealthy symbiotic/parasitic relationship between the public sector labor union bosses and democratic politicians in Sacramento that end up driving up or our cost of living our pensions, everything here in California becomes more expensive and difficult because of the unions, and so this blow is definitely going to affect upcoming election cycles, democratic funding, and ultimately the laws we see out of Sacramento.

Dhillon Discusses Unions on 'The Evening Edit' from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

It’s actually a mandatory sort of orientation session for new public sector union members, but on top of that, there are bills being proposed and getting sent to his desk that would include having a waiting time period before you could opt out of the union, having union bosses decide whether to approve your application to opt out of the union, and other things like that.

That’s amateur hour, Liz. I mean I could tell you 100 horror stories worse than that here in California. This is a first amendment case, and the reality is: this is about the government compelling speech from people who don’t want their dollars used for that purpose. It doesn’t mean unions can’t advocate for that, it doesn’t mean that if public sector workers want to unionize and want those units to lobby, they can do that but they just can’t do it at the point of a gun.

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