Dhillon on the Violence of the Left in California

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Lou Dobbs’ To Discuss the Violence of the Left in California.

According to Dhillon:

Maxine Waters is such a caricature of the extreme craziness of the far Left. Somebody is going to get hurt. Taking the Lord’s name in vain with respect to her calls for violence open calls for action against members of the cabinet and even rank and file Trump supporters is vile. What’s also alarming is that Democrat leaders are not really holding her accountable. I’ve heard she’s been told behind the scene to calm down but Republicans aren’t calling her out. Members of her own house should be calling her out saying this type of violent rhetoric is totally unacceptable. This is from Maxine Waters who played a critical role in the Rodney King riots, giving comfort to the attacker of Reginald Denny. She’s got a long history of this race baiting and it’s got to end.

Dhillon Discusses the Violence of the Left in California from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

You have the lunatic Left, the Cortez wing that are going Venezuela on politic then you have Maxine Waters going full crazy and violent on the other side. Together, it’s a very unattractive picture for voters.

I think Niger is correct. Kemp is off to a great start. His ads were terrific and funny. They’re united there. To your point, Lou, it’s not just a lame duck agenda. It’s a lame agenda and the Republicans need to do better. And you know Ronna is right there, Ronna Mcdaniel, the head of the RNC doing a great job and we don’t want any daylight between our candidates and the president.

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