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Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss Google Discrimination Lawsuit


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According to Harmeet:

[This lawsuit] is on behalf of a class. James is one of the named plaintiffs. There is a second named plaintiff who fits the same criteria. You could be a woman and part of this class. If you’re conservative or a person of color, you could be part of this class, or if you’re a man who is not one of the favored categories. It isn’t just a white man’s lawsuit as some in the media wrongfully put it. This is what we’re looking for the equal application of the discrimination laws in the United States and California, specifically applied to everybody and in Silicon Valley it is become legitimate to discriminate against one class of people and that is the class James represents and that is not acceptable in America.

We have endless lawsuits already. When you read the complaints, 160 pages of very detailed allegations of Google’s practice, they openly shame groups that have too many white men. For example, there is a weekly all-hands meeting where two female executives led a program to call out different business units at Google and if that business unit had equal men and women, they would be applauded, and if they didn’t have equal men and women they were booed. If you read the complaint, you will see there are numerous examples of nasty rhetoric about men being dumb, white people being toxic, etc. That type of rhetoric is allowed to flourish at Google with 80,000 employees. Obviously that type of thing is unfair. They shouldn’t allow that anymore than they should allow racism against blacks or Latinos or gay people or any other protected category.

There is long process and we just filed yesterday. Google can move to dismiss, they can move to deny classification. I’m sure they will fight the lawsuit pretty hard because the stakes are high for Google and other tech companies in Silicon Valley. It’s a common practice.

If James was in it for money, we might have already been able to resolve this case and my other clients. That is not what they’re in it for. They are in it to change the environment, there are guys in their careers, we have women involved in the case, their names are not used, they want to work long careers in Silicon Valley without fear as being Google executives threatened, blacklisted, not just black listed from Google and blacklisted and blackballed from Silicon Valley. There are countless stories that people will tell you including some recounted in the our complaint in graphic detail about it being acceptable at Google for executives to threaten to, to actually physically blacklist and block conservatives from the internal system at Google.

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