Civil Rights Attorney in the Bay Area

Dhillon Law Group Inc. has handled several high-profile civil rights disputes that received national press coverage, and counts civil rights and anti-discrimination law as major practice areas.

Dhillon Law Group Inc. is dedicated to advocating for civil rights both in court and in pre-lawsuit negotiations. The firms attorneys focus on cutting-edge civil rights issues, including civil rights based on political affiliation, religious belief and practice, sexual orientation and gender presentation, national origin and race, and sex.

At this time, Dhillon Law Group is representing witnesses and victims in the June 2, 2016 violent protests/riot against attendees of a political rally for Donald J. Trump for President. We are investigating claims against the City of San Jose, and against the participants and organizers in the protest who either committed or encouraged violent acts. If you have information about these issues, please fill out the contact form to the right, and an attorney will contact you.

Founding partner Harmeet K. Dhillon has donated thousands of hours of her time to the cause of religious liberty. One such case involved a Sikh man who applied to be a prison guard at Folsom State Prison, passed all of the requisite tests, but was denied employment because he refused to shave his religiously-mandated beard. Ms. Dhillon pursued the case for six years, including four years of litigation, and her client was finally vindicated in a settlement that awarded him back pay and the position of Staff Services Manager I at Folsom Prison. Dhillon Law Group Inc. is a litigation boutique firm committed to vindicating the rights of its civil rights clients, both in and out of court.