Internet and Privacy Law

Privacy and security laws affect any business that collects, uses and/or transfers or discloses personal data, and we help companies understand and stay in compliance with the myriad of constantly changing regulations and best practices in this area. We advise our clients on privacy issues arising in their transactions and daily operations, and ensure that our clients’ representations to consumers, employees, and third parties align with their legal obligations to prevent reputational risk and reduce exposure.  Where dispute escalation has occurred, we zealously and effectively represent our clients in state and federal litigation, including in class action privacy cases.

Privacy issues are particularly relevant to companies who offer services through the Internet, application software, or mobile apps, which we routinely counsel and represent. We work with business of all sizes and across industries, and clients appreciate the customized and flexible solutions we provide to meet their needs. Connect with a reliable privacy law attorney from our team today.

Watch news regarding privacy issues below.

  1. Most Americans Believe Social Media Sites Censor Political Views
  2. Dhillon Discusses Facebook’s Future
  3. Facebook Drops Opposition to Proposed California Privacy Measure
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