Lawsuit: Google Reserves Jobs for ‘Diverse Individuals’ Only

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Harmeet Dhillon

According to an updated complaint from former Google engineer James Damore’s class-action lawsuit, Google reserves certain jobs specifically for “diverse individuals.”

Following the addition of three new plaintiffs, Manuel Amador, Stephen McPherson, and Michael Burns to former engineer James Damore’s class action lawsuit against the Internet giant, new allegations have been brought against the company. One new allegation is that Google specifically reserves certain jobs for “diverse individuals.”

Damore’s complaint states:

Google Literally Defines “Diverse Candidates” as Blacks, Hispanics, Veterans, PWDs, and Women And Maintains Quotas

On May 3, 2016, Gina Coons (“Coons”), Global Marketing Staffing Lead at Google,who manages a group of approximately 16 Google recruiters, sent an email entitled “[Please read]New Monthly Global Staffing Meeting details.”

In this email, which was sent to the entire Global Staffing team, Coons forwarded an email from Michael Moran (“Moran”), a recruiter at Google, dated April 28, 2016. In Moran’s email, Moran described two programs at Google: Center Stage and Supplemental Headcount.

The Center Stage Program was a new project at Google that aimed to “feature exceptional marketing talent to Leadership in an effort to better socialize profiles across the business and find candidates a suitable home.” Moran stated in his email that this project places an “[e]mphasis on diversity (80% of talent featured should be diverse).”

The Supplemental Headcount Program was “a last-ditch strategy for getting diverse talent into Google when all other avenues have been exhausted.”

Moran went on to state “POps has a handull of HC reserved exclusively for diverse HC. Diverse candidates are:

Black, Hispanic, veterans, PWD, and L4+ women.” Upon information and belief, “PWD” stands for “People with Disabilities.”

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