Konen V. Spreckels Union School District

In a resounding victory for parental rights, Jessica Konen and her daughter Alicia have secured justice in the case of Konen v. Spreckels Union School District. The Dhillon Law Group proudly announces a $100,000 settlement with the school district that socially transitioned her daughter without her knowledge or consent. 

“At its core, this case is about upholding the sacred bond between parents and their children,” said Harmeet Dhillon, Founder & Managing Partner of the Dhillon Law Group. “Parents have an inherent right to be involved in pivotal decisions concerning their children’s lives.”

“If you choose not to fight for your children, then they will fight and take your children,” Jessica Konen said. “Stand up parents – it’s your right to be able to parent your own children.”

The lawsuit shed light on a distressing practice where schools are socially transitioning students without their parents’ involvement. Such actions violate parents’ rights to be involved in life-altering choices affecting their children.

“We are thrilled to have played a role in this landmark victory, which sends a clear message that parental rights must be respected,” adds Dhillon. “Jessica and Alicia’s courage has inspired countless others to defend their rights against unwarranted intrusions.”

This legal triumph emboldens parents nationwide to safeguard their role in their children’s upbringing. The resolution of this case sets a precedent, emphasizing that schools must collaborate with parents, not bypass them, in decisions impacting their children’s lives.

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