San Jose has become a battleground in the growing problem of organized political violence in our cities, unchecked by law enforcement. In several instances across the nation, police have been ordered by local leaders to do nothing to protect their own citizens – they stand by and watch the leftist groups attack anyone who doesn’t share the same ideologies as city leaders. In other instances, local leaders and authorities inadequately prepare for known threats, and fail to enforce the law during violent incidents. Selective law enforcement – no matter the identity of the citizens whose rights are being transgressed – is a compelling civil rights issue of our time.

UPDATE – April 9, 2018: Ninth Circuit Inclined to Revive Claims Over Violent Trump Rally


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (CN) – A Ninth Circuit panel appeared poised to allow President Donald Trump supporters pursue their negligence claims against San Jose, California, regarding a dust-up between them and protesters at a campaign rally in 2016.

“There was an angry mob at the end of one exit while police said the other exits were blocked,” said Circuit Judge William Fletcher during the Monday hearing. “That sounds like the state created danger.”

Read the full report on Courthouse News Service.

UPDATE – April 9, 2018: Juan Hernandez v. City of San Jose



UPDATE – September 11, 2017: Harmeet Dhillon Interview with Tucker Carlson



Physical assault and free speech violations was the theme at a Trump rally that took place in San Jose, Calif. on June 2, 2016. Several thousand Trump supporters attended a rally that day, and were assaulted by an organized mob of thugs — a mob the local law enforcement authorities required them to walk through in order to leave the event and reach their transportation. Authorities stood by and watched while citizens were assaulted before their eyes, admitting to some victims that they were unable to intervene.

Justice 4 SJ Trump Rally Legal Fund


If you believe that everyone has equal protection under the First Amendment and believe that the law enforcement should have protected the constitutional rights of the rally attendees from the mob that assembled to assault them, please donate to our clients’ legal fund. All funds raised in this campaign will go to defray the legal costs of the rally attendees/class action plaintiffs.

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Juan Hernandez v. City of San Jose Hearing

Apr 10, 2018
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit San Jose police officers appeal from the denial of qualified immunity in a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action brought by attendees at a political rally for Donald Trump, who alleged that...

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