President Trump to “Get involved” in Russian Federation investigation


Harmeet Dhillon

Trump has tapped Emmett Flood, who advised Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings, to assist in the Russian Federation investigation after the lead White House attorney handling the probe announced plans to retire. He will be replaced by Emmet Flood, who was part of President Bill Clinton’s legal team during his impeachment.

Giuliani was hired to represent President Trump as the president navigates special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into the 2016 campaign.

“Everybody forgets, the basis of the case is dead”, Giuliani said.

The explanation was at least the third offered by Trump and his advisers.

He said Trump felt that he was treated worse than Hillary Clinton, who was publicly cleared of criminal wrongdoing at an unusual Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters news conference in July 2016. “The crooked Clintons are the most corrupt people in the world”, Colbert said on Wednesday night, doing his Trump impersonation.

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