September News in Review: The Latest Headlines from California

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Harmeet Dhillon

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon is an in-demand thought leader, sought out for her opinions on the law as well as on California’s political scene. In this post, we’ll briefly outline some of her recent media appearances and commentaries.

What Happens if Democrats Win Back Congress?

With midterm elections on the horizon, some pollsters believe that the Democratic Party could claim a majority in the House, the Senate, or possibly even both. According to Attorney Dhillon, however, this is a troubling potentiality—a recipe for gridlock and drama like our country has never seen before.

In an appearance on Fox Business, Dhillon predicts that the members of the Trump Administration will face “harassment at every level” from House Democrats—not just the threat of impeachment, but an endless litany of investigations, subpoenas, and more.

Responding to “Lyin’ Lanny Davis”

Speaking of harassment against the Trump Administration, another recent incident involves Michael Cohen lawyer and former Clinton fixer Lanny Davis—a man who admitted to being CNN’s source for a false anti-Trump story.

The incident calls into question the reliability of our news media, but also the integrity of the media’s sources. Harmeet Dhillon notes that “we all have reason to doubt” CNN’s reporting in general, thanks to credibility lapses such as this one.

Bruce Ohr’s Conflict of Interest

You may have missed the recent story about former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who promoted his wife’s opposition research consultation services during an FBI probe into President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“[Ohr] was creating demand for his wife’s consulting services, so that’s an obvious conflict of interest. It’s also a violation of the, you know, government’s rules not to disclose that,” comments Dhillon. “The fact that this was not disclosed to the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court is shocking, and I think it’s obstruction of justice, quite frankly.”

Incidentally, Ohr’s legal trouble didn’t sit as well with liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow, who opined on her MSNBC program that the government’s investigation into Trump and his potential ties to Russia could be compromised if Ohr is relieved of his duties.

The Future of Healthcare?

Harmeet Dhillon was recently cited as an “influencer of the day” by the Sacramento Bee—specifically for her grim prognosis regarding single-payer healthcare, a system that many Democrats have pushed aggressively.

“Single-payer healthcare is contrary to our American principles of competition, choice, and excellence,” says Dhillon. “The government does a poor job at running monopolies, and in other countries where single payer healthcare is in place, such as Canada and Great Britain, there are long lines for basic procedures, and older people are denied life-saving care for serious diseases due to rationing. As it is in California, we have a shortage of physicians who provide general and family medical services. Imagine how much worse choice and availability will be when the government adds low compensation, more bureaucracy, and less job satisfaction to the mix.”

California Ends Cash Bail System

California recently made headlines by becoming the first state to let people leave jail before trial without the need to post bail. The new law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, puts pretrial release decisions into the hands of judges.

Attorney Dhillon, who serves as the lawyer for the California Bail Agents Association, opposes the new law. “Who’s going to bring people back to court when they don’t show up?” she wonders. In a separate Fox News appearance, Dhillon also called the new legislation problematic from “a public safety point of view,” noting that it has received pushback from both the left and the right.

Anti-Asian Discrimination at Harvard

In a recent appearance on Fox Business, Dhillon shed light on a news story that hasn’t gotten much mainstream attention—cases of Asian-American discrimination at Harvard. The Department of Justice took a side against Harvard in a recent lawsuit, which alleges discriminatory practices within the admissions process.

“It’s illegal, to put it bluntly,” says Dhillon of Harvard’s practices. “Unfortunately, in today’s America, discrimination against Asian-Americans is kind of the last frontier.”

An In-N-Out Boycott?

Another local story: The leader of California’s Democratic Party has called for a boycott of In-N-Out-Burger over the fast food franchise’s donations to Republican groups—but the call to arms hasn’t won much enthusiasm even among rank-and-file Democrats.

“I think this is a pretty petty and unnecessary, divisive fight for the Democrats to pick,” comments Dhillon. “What the Democratic Party is really doing is signaling to all donors in California that we are closely watching what you’re doing with your money. And don’t you dare give money to the other side or we will punish you.”

Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer, trusted boardroom advisor, and passionate advocate for individual, corporate and institutional clients across numerous industries and walks of life. Her focus is in commercial litigation, employment law, First Amendment rights, and election law matters.
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