UPDATE: January 25, 2018 – Justice Dept. sides with conservative groups in free-speech lawsuit against Berkeley

Free Speech 1A

Harmeet Dhillon

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said Thursday on CNN that the department was getting involved in the case because officials want “to protect against universities — the government really, if you’re a public university — deciding which speech is favored, which ideas are too controversial to even allow to be heard on a college campus.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been outspoken about free speech on college campuses, and in advance of his department’s court filing, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand penned a column for Fox News criticizing the practices at some colleges.

“Free speech is under attack at college campuses across the country,” Brand wrote. “The problem is not limited to a few colleges barring radical speakers to avoid a riot. Universities large and small, public and private, are restricting students’ and professors’ speech or enabling others to silence speech with which they disagree.”

Read the full article on The Washington Post.

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