11 Times Campus Speakers Shut Down by Leftist Protesters 2017-2018 School Year

Harmeet Dhillon

September 2017
Milo Yiannopoulos shouted down at UC Berkeley

October 2017
Student protesters shut down University of Oregon president’s speech to ‘stand against fascism’

October 2017
‘Liberalism is white supremacy’: Black Lives Matter protesters shut down ACLU free speech event

October 2017
VIDEO: Protesters shut down UCLA event on ‘civil discourse’ and ‘hate speech’

October 2017
Charles Murray event disrupted by chanting, hostile protesters

October 2017
Professors demand firing of UC-Berkeley professor who served Bush, crash his speech

October 2017
Protesters disrupt anti-immigration speech by Tommy Robinson at Columbia

November 2017
Conservative speaker shouted down, arrested during ‘It is OK to Be White’ event at UConn

February 2018
Protesters attack sound system but fail to shut down event with fired Google engineer

March 2018
Protesters disrupt Christina Hoff Sommers speech

April 2018
Duke student protesters interrupt school president’s speech

Read the details of each disrupted event on The College Fix.

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