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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Making Money’ with Charles Payne To Discuss Comey’s Memos

According to Dhillon:

What we are seeing is James Comey putting himself right in the middle of the web that other FBI agents have already been implicated in. Page, Strzok, Mccabe and now Comey. This is very high stakes. Mccabe and Comey are pointing fingers at each other. But what is the ultimate takeaway here is that these memos reveal that the president’s interactions with Comey show that the president did nothing wrong. The president reacted in a normal way. He’s like, “Hey, go ahead and investigate this stuff, and then let’s clear it up and let’s move on for the American people.” Comey, on the other hand, comes out looking like somebody who set up meetings, used meetings with the president as quote-on-quote news hooks, which he told the president is what was needed to report on things, and he’s as big a leaker as the other people reported in the scandals. It’s really shocking stuff.

It’s a crime to mishandle classified information. Multiple people have been indicted and prosecuted over the years, including government officials, for that crime. And it’s not just one memo, it’s possibly two, possibly more, who knows what else is in there. But what is very important for your viewers to note is that the same behavior that FBI agents routinely catch people in, and prosecute them for, is what McCabe Comey, Strozk, and Page are being looked at now for. You know, fair is Fair. If we’re going to hold American citizens to that standard, the FBI agents and the FBI officials must be held to an even higher standard and clearly they failed that test.

I have seen a lot of people get away with some high crimes and misdemeanors here in terms of what they have done against the country. Clapper is an example of somebody who lied to Congress, and gotten away with it. The statute of limitations of five years ran out on that. So, we’ll see what happens. Ultimately I don’t really like to see political disputes being brought into the courts and criminalized. However, this is an extreme example. It’s not just Comey. We know from other news stories that McCabe set up a meeting with Reince Priebus to say that hey, that Russia stuff, it’s all nonsense, don’t worry about it. And that turned into a leak to CNN to say that the white house was pressuring the FBI. It’s completely false and fabricated and acting in concert. It isn’t one rogue, it is multiple people. That’s a conspiracy potentially, and so yes, a lot more questions need to be asked about this.

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