Exclusive Interview: CRP’s Harmeet Dhillon Talks New Job As Vice Chair, 2014 Midterms

The thought of being a Republican voter, much less a Republican leader, in blue California may be unappealing to some. The state is completely run by Democrats, Republican voter registration is weak, and voters recently approved a huge tax increase that would make even a moderate conservative shudder.

But don’t expect that attitude from Harmeet Dhillon, the California Republican Party’s new Vice Chair. The California Briefing had a chance to talk with Dhillon about the party and her plans to kick it into high-gear. Her election has brought a fascinating new perspective to the ranks of California’s political leaders at a time when the Republican Party is actively seeking new ways to diversify and grow. Dhillon serves as the head of the San Francisco Republican Party – no easy job. She is a first-generation Indian-American, a graduate of Dartmouth Law, and a strong fiscal conservative with a pool of diverse experiences to draw from in leading the GOP forward.

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