California Supreme Court Denies Berkeley Agitator’s Meritless appeal

Supreme Court of California

Harmeet Dhillon

The California Supreme Court finally put an end to the utterly frivolous litigation brought by Yvette Felarca against former Berkeley College Republican president, Troy Worden. Felarca is a national leader of “By Any Means Necessary,” a group that calls for radical political change.

Over two years ago, Felarca filed a frivolous civil harassment restraining order against Worden, who was then a student at Berkeley, claiming that he had threatened harm against her. Felarca and three of her fellow organizers made false allegations against Worden with the purpose of procuring a court ruling restricting Worden’s First Amendment rights on the Berkeley College campus and beyond. After Worden presented to the court evidence that the testimony Felarca offered was false, Felarca quickly dismissed her request for a restraining order. Worden was granted attorney fees and costs against Felarca totaling $11,000, and Felarca appealed. 

The California Court of Appeals denied Felarca’s appeal after briefing and argument, and she petitioned the California Supreme Court to hear a further appeal. On October 31, 2019, the California Supreme Court declined to accept Felarca’s appeal petition, thus bringing to an end Felarca’s abuse of the court system to suppress the free speech rights of Berkeley College Republicans, at least in this case.   

All that remains is for Felarca to pay the $11,000 assessed against her. Mr. Worden and his counsel at Dhillon Law Group Inc. will be pursuing collection.

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