Dhillon: Google Case Update

Google Class Action Lawsuit.

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX and Friends’ To Discuss Google

According to Dhillon:

James and another fired employee originally filed suit last year on the basis of their political activities they claimed they were fired. But others at the company have also claimed this they were fired because of their gender, their male gender and their race which is white oration. Which are claimed to be overrepresented minorities there. This lawsuit that’s going forward now is a class action lawsuit on behalf of all job applicants who claimed they were discriminated against and didn’t get a job based on characteristics. James and the other individual plaintiffs have had their cases forced into arbitration by Google which by the way no longer does that to people but they have required James and the other plaintiff to do it. So we are — we have been told by Google that they there are actually several million people who apply to the company during the class period of four years and that it is an impossible task for Google to respond to discovery on this. But the court said no, you have to allow discovery on this and we are going to find out whether you discriminated on these bases.

Political bias and, you know, it’s not just documents that this will have to answer some questions us. Really we get to delve into employment practices and see what they do behind the scenes. Notoriously opaque process. California law requires that they be pretty transparent about these issues and not discriminate on the things we are claiming.

So Google operates worldwide and one of our-it’s Google. Google has all the information about everybody. In fact, they gather it and they sell it. And so we know they have it. And we are going to find out exactly how they use it in the hiring process and then a court will decide later on several months down the rude whether there is enough information to certify the classes of gender discrimination, political discrimination and a racial discrimination at Google.

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