Dhillon on Mueller Report House Judiciary Committee Hearing

Mueller Report House Judiciary Committee Hearing

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Mueller Report

According to Dhillon:

Thanks Shannon, happy to be here. Democrats should be worried who are in the Obama administration and any Democrats who participated on what is clearly a vast conspiracy that overturned the results of the 2016 election even before that election occurred, also high ranking employees of the Department of Justice, but more at the FBI who engaged on this conspiracy – mislead courts, misuse our surveillance powers against American citizens and generally betrayed their oath. I think those who could be very scared tonight because Mr. Durham has been given space in the main office of the DOJ and staff, and he is serious. I think he’s going to roll with the end of this process, Shannon.

Absolutely, Shannon. Julian did a great job of confusing a bunch of different issues and different statutes and different periods of time, but this is not the Spanish inquisition. This is the United States system of justice where there’s some due process, there’s a bill of rights, there’s a separation of powers importantly. We heard some members of Congress in your intro there make nonsensical arguments about how Don McGahn and others have a duty to testify on behalf of the president, office of the president. It’s actually the opposite because the president has a duty to protect the office of the president. He has instructed the president’s top advisers not to testify. This is something that every prior president has done as well. So, that’s nonsense to suggest that is any type of a hiding of information.

Special counsel and independent counsel are two different statute points. You know that. That’s right.

Thank you, Shannon.

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