Dhillon on the 2020 Dem Debate

the 2020 Dem Debate

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss the 2020 Dem Debate

According to Dhillon:

Well, I think he pointed out that Kamala Harris is all over the place. He could have done a better job. He could’ve pointed out that actually yesterday, Bernie said that his plan which Kamala Harris has previously endorsed and I think even co-sponsored, eliminates private health care altogether. He just came out and set it and owned it. Kamala Harris’ problem as I wrote in a “Wall Street journal” op-ed a little while ago, is that she’s flip-flopped on every single major issue. She wants to have it, all of the different ways. And after that, like 20-30 minutes of discussion and her having five times the airtime of the other candidates, she still wouldn’t say how much it’s going to cost and what it really accomplishes so I do think that Biden did a better job there in that exchange than Kamala Harris.

No. I think it is kind of lame – lame when you hear it again and again. What they don’t like is the Republican reality outside that room – the reality that Donald Trump has been the best president ever for criminal justice reform, which is something they purport to care about for African-American jobs, for education, for a rising tide for all Americans and for everything in our economy. So, they do not like those facts. They are painting and conjuring this picture of this dystopian America where the seas are rising and we are shivering in huddles and cages on the streets. And none of that is really true. So, I think it’s not working. It’s very fake. I mean, you know, Laura, I think you’re pointing to this. Most of these candidates are totally fake. Kirsten Gillibrand, thanks for playing. But, you know, go into Ohio and ex… whitesplain whiteness to white women? What is that? It’s crazy. So, you know, I think you are right, Biden is the only one who was authentic but he’s got his own problems. I actually think he improved vis-a-vis the last debate and Harris is going to go down in the polls after her performance.

That’s right. I mean, they have nothing to complain about if they were going to talk about the facts here. They have to demonize the president, which is getting very tired – it isn’t talking about solutions for Americans. And they have a completely altered view of reality. On the one hand, everybody from other countries can come in to the country and stay here. On the other hand, the taxpayers are going to pay for it. With what money? So, I think that they really fail at that, and when it comes to Donald Trump getting up against any of these, I can’t wait to see that. And we’re not going to see it as many of the other guests who’ve pointed out tonight, most of these people are going to take their consolation prize and go for the most part. But I do not see how any of them are going to do better than Trump at a lot of the issues they talked about at immigration. I mean, you know, Biden, who was the leading candidate there, he took some hits for the fact that his administration had deported many more people than Donald Trump did.

Well, even if you do not get it down into the granular aspects of it, I do think Biden laid a couple of good blows on him with respect to how he had lied and had the ACLU accused Booker of et cetera. But I think the point is, he comes across, even like if you turned off the volume and just look at the body language, he comes across as very kind of shrill, hyper, kind of in-your-face, we saw that in the Kavanaugh hearings, we’ve seen in virtually all of his performances. They’re all at – up at 11, and this is spinal tap, they’re like this one note and it’s just too much. People don’t want that. I think they want a Biden whose functioning – I think that is the problem is that Biden the halting, and like the, you know the kind of mini stroke type situation. That was discomforting to watch.

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