Dhillon on Antifa Violence

Antifa Violence

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Antifa Violence

According to Dhillon:

Thanks, Lou. Well, Lou, what is fortunate in the way about the attack on Andy is that there were a number of videographers and photographers around who have been providing information to us. So, we provided a lot of that – all of that information actually to the state authorities, as well as names and IDs of people who were involved in these attacks. Almost a month later, we’ve had no arrests. So, that’s very concerning to me, but another way that this is fortunate is that it actually brought attention to a movement Lou that’s been growing in America for several years and most Americans don’t know about it. But they better know about it because these people are organizing, recruiting, and planning to disrupt our elections in 2020.

Lou, the question that you just asked is the question that people were asking during the civil rights movement when the Klan were the ones who were going around with the masks and we tried to have laws and stop them from doing that. But today, the American Civil Liberties Union is a group that’s actually agitating these anti-mask laws, they got the California anti-mask law kicked out and now California has a watered-down version that says that you can’t commit a crime while wearing a mask. Well, I mean, you know, that doesn’t really help law enforcement unmask people during the commission of these events. It’s simply adds an enhancement. So, I think that we are using old tools and old methods and we’re not catching up with the current political reality which is we have a number of people in America including these people who have no respect for our laws, who are Anarchists/Marxists/Maoists and really want to overthrow our government and they’re seizing on whatever the flavor of the day is. A few years ago, it was “Black Lives Matter”. A few years ago, before that, it was “Occupy Wall Street”. Today, it’s so-called “Border Resistance” and they’re actually going to be organizing in Texas and other border states as well. So, America better wake up to this. Now, federal law enforcement would give the Department of Justice as well as FBI…

They should be doing that, Lou. I have called the Department of Justice, and all I can say is I completely agree with you that where local authorities have failed and even where they haven’t failed but they need more help, it is the job of the civil rights division, it is the job of the criminal division to step in and help. So, maybe they are doing something that you and I don’t know about, but we sure would love to see some action because Antifa has numerous events planned in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country over the next two months. So, they have a lot of opportunities to get in there, infiltrate, find out what’s happening and then use some law enforcement tools to do, don’t use cellphone dumps and other tools that federal authorities have that can help us arrest these people.

Thank you, Lou. Appreciate it.

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