Dhillon on 2020 Election on Cavuto Coast to Coast

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ To Discuss 2020

According to Dhillon:

It’s great he’s come out of the gate strong for him. He’s definitely a refreshing new voice in politics. There’s a lot of appeal to him. He’s doesn’t have all the baggage of some of the existing candidates and so in that sense, I think he’s doing great. But I think he’s actually gotten himself out ahead of his skis in the sense that I think his situation recently with Mike Pence, criticizing him for his affiliation with Donald Trump and being sanctimonious in that recent appearance where he was criticizing him for his faith and it seemed very preachy and I think off-note for him. I think that’s not really worked out well. But he also hasn’t had a chance to be exposed to all the sharp fingernails and the attacks that are likely to come from the Democrats so I think the shine is going to come off of him pretty soon as the others perceive him as the front-runner and begin tearing him down like they have done with kamala Harris and some of the other promising new stars in this.



It’s absolutely a strong performance for somebody who has been a mayor, he’s been a mayor for eight years and really came out of nowhere to most of us. A lot of these candidates have had a really strong first couple of weeks with small donors. That speaks to the hunger in the Democratic Party for some better leadership. I think that that is a warning sign for the older, more established candidates that maybe the electorate in the Democratic Party is looking for somebody new, fresh, younger and has something different to offer than their usual kind of shrill one-note anti-Trump message.

Unfortunately, Pete just threw that to the side and went to the far left immediately as well. I was thinking he would stick to the middle and be this conservative Christian gay candidate but in fact, he’s actually turned out to go on the far extreme on abortion and some of these other issues. That’s really not going to serve him well because there are members of the Democratic Party, lot of voters who are more conservative than these I think that’s really going to be their challenge, to capture that middle which is actually pretty appealing to — that Donald Trump was able to capture in the 2016 election. If they all go to the far left, I think it is actually a miscalculation. The calculation is now winning the primary but I don’t think that’s necessarily going to really play out for them because they cannot assume that the electorate will go along with ninth month abortion and very strong extreme issues like that.

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