Dhillon on Sanctuary City Proposal with Shannon Bream

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Rush Limbaugh’s Sanctuary City Proposal

According to Dhillon:

I’m totally confused, Shannon, I just heard Leslie say these people are super dangerous, on other nights she says they’re great and we need more of them. That’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi has been saying for years. I have a secret for you, liberals can be hypocrites and that’s what is happening today. I don’t see the problem; I don’t understand why the liberals are freaking out. I live in San Francisco, it’s an amazing city, a lovely city, and I stay here despite all the drama and the poo on the streets, it’s beautiful. Illegal aliens love this city, in fact we have a lot of them living here right now. Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues love having them here. The drama is because Nancy Pelosi realizes if we have a critical mass of them in her backyard in Pacific Heights, multimillion-dollar mansions, thronging with illegal aliens in the streets maybe her Democratic voters might not like this policy so much. Guess what, Nancy Pelosi other districts to have deal with it every day, districts in Texas, in California, and why shouldn’t, if we love them so much, every county in California be filled with illegal aliens?



There’s a 20-day limit to how long you can keep families in custody and contain them. In a prior statement, United States Attorney in Texas told us that only 13% of these asylum applicants end up getting asylum granted. I’m an immigrant, and I also helped people get asylum so I know what the law is. What we have is a complete joke and travesty. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: put your money where your mouth is. If you want more, have them in your district and see what the fallout is, if any, and go from there.

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