Dhillon on Barr’s Spying Comment on Varney and Company

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss Barr’s Spying Comment

According to Dhillon:

At one level I’m not surprised because of the level of hostility these people have shown to the president but really these people are elected to do the peoples business. Instead of doing the business of the American people, what they’re doing is pedaling lies and conspiracy theories themselves again and again. We do have the results of that investigation and the attorney general has delivered them. There was no collusion. Jerry Nadler is overheard on amtrak plotting his impeachment plans with his colleagues. No wonder is in denial. He really needs to get on with it. He is an embarassment to his district frankly.



You have got Nadler, Schiff, Swalwell still out there peddling these lies. I detect a bit of nervousness behind that. In fact, they have been the ones out there conspiring with each other, potentially conspiring the previous administration with respect to framing this president. Looks like our new attorney is ready to take names to find out what happened that has to make a lot of people on Capitol Hill who participated in this very nervous, people in the executive branch, FBI, DOJ as well, particularly Democrats who have been rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of unseating an elected official.

Just as these folks are now beginning to turn on Robert Mueller because he didn’t fulfil their fantasies, they may see them beginning to attack Michael Horowitz as well, the inspector general, he is undoubtedly going to find wrongdoing there. We’ve seen indictments passed down, recommendations for indictments to the DOJ by Devin Nunes, expect to see some people see jail time out of this conspiracy.

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