Dhillon Discusses Democrats’ Constant State of Denial

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Democrats’ Constant State of Denial

According to Dhillon:

Laura, I’ve been hearing this garbage since we were in the college and I’ve been told the Republican Party is the party of the white people. And that hasn’t been the case in my 30 years involved in politics. We don’t even talk about that at the party. It’s post-racial and I think that was Martin Luther King wanted as well. We’re talking about opportunity for everybody. Going back to Al Sharpton, what people are letting him off the hook for is he’s the grand-daddy of this smollett situation. He has been pandering hoaxing. Talk about reparations. But everybody’s forgotten that and moved on. And what we really are seeing is the Al Sharpton struggle sessions here. Like the cultural revolution in China, in order to get to the next level, the elders have to come and apologize and wear a dunce cap. Why is he apologizing?


It’s embarrassing. I don’t owe any reparations and you don’t owe any reparations.

And all those people’s lives matter.

All these people are talking about how horrible America is? Trust me, they don’t want to go back to Asia, to Europe or from wherever they came from because it’s much worse there. This is the best country in the world and is still is, we got our problems…

That’s right. The city of Chicago is not going to be at war with itself. The city attorney’s office (not the DA’s office) is going to go prosecute him and we’ll see what happens. File a civil lawsuit and he’s continuing to be in denial, but if he keeps up with this path, in a few years he can have is summit like Al Sharpton and make a career out of that.

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