Dhillon Appears Discusses Border Closure Threat

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Border Closure Threat

According to Dhillon:

Yes, the problem here is that the president seems to be only one really taking leadership and trying to propose some solutions here I think closing some of these 50 border checkpoints and crossings is one area that he could do but it’s going to hurt Americans as well. What we really are not talking about here is that members of Congress on the Democratic side and some on the Republican side actually are okay turning a blind eye to this significant problem in Democrats, quite frankly, are pandering to this voter  base because they see it as a future voter base for them so they don’t actually want to stem this problem.



They think it’s fine and they spent all day long — we haven’t talked about the fact that most of these candidates for president on the Democratic side are condemning what our government is doing at the border to try to keep Americans safe and that’s outrageous. When you have Jake Johnson. When you even have CNN commentators talking about this being a crisis and having abuses in our asylum system, we need some legal reforms of the asylum system. We need to plug those loopholes, need to provide more human beings at the border on our border forces to take care of these people, make sure there isn’t violence. We have human trafficking going on across this border. This is a really serious problem. Kristin Nelson talked tonight about the fact there are actually gangs of people who are recycling children at the border. They bring them across with a family and then they send them back. They are like human passports. That’s outrageous. Turning a blind eye to it.

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