Dhillon Discusses Mueller Report on Cavuto Coast to Coast

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ To Discuss Mueller Report

According to Dhillon:

In this situation,there has been a lot of public demand for this, as well as congressional demand, and that is unanimous when they took a vote a couple of weeks ago on the same congress. I think that in this situation as much of the report should be released is legal. Judge told us that not just Six E, but a narrow categories of underlying information that we may have relied on in his conclusions are protected from release by Court rule. So, whether he wants to release them or not, he is not able to do so without a Court order. I frankly questioned whether it is going to be productive to release those types of information.


The democratic right now is very desperate to cease on any helpline to salvage their egos from their humiliating miscalculations of the situation politically. If that information gets out that smears people that cast people who are innocent in a critical lie that’s going to be used to have more sideshow here, and we have to balance the needs of the press and Congress’ demand against the rights of private citizens, as well. These rules are to protect the citizens. What is left on the table in this discussion is the number of people who are draged to the mud through this investigation. They have to go on with their lives, people who did not do anything wrong. Among the subpoenas that Congress wants to issue later this week include for the White House counsel, don mcgahn, for other attorneys in the White House counsel office, for reince Priebus, hope hicks and Steve Bannon. These are people who started political jobs in White House, and yet the Congress wants to trash them and humiliate them.

There is a need to be balanced here. We need to respect boundaries under our law that is subject to balancing test.

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