Dhillon on Assault on Trump Supporters: ‘It Was Like a Third World Country’

Dhillon on assault on Trump supporters

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon on 2016 San Jose Assault on Trump Supporters: ‘It Was Like a Third World Country’

According to Dhillon:

On June 2nd, 2016, about a month before Donald Trump became the nominee, he had a big rally in San Jose. I was honored to be there and do the pledge of allegiance and we had a great event. As we were leaving, the 250 riot gear clad San Jose police were there on the scene, forced all of the people leaving to come out through one exit and directed them away from the most direct path to the garages and into a riot of several hundred anti-Trump violent types waving Mexican flags with large 6-foot poles and the eggs are just one part of it. People were sucker punched, people were hit in the head with bags of rocks, close torn off of them. Elderly people have their glasses ripped off and had to flee for their lives. It was like a third world country and the police stood there and did nothing and told people that they were not allowed to help. So a few weeks later we filed this federal civil rights lawsuit and the city police and the city appealed it to the ninth circuit where the ninth circuit ruled on Friday that our case can go forward that the officers do not have qualified immunity because the allegations are so outrageous that they are clearly unconstitutional.

Harmeet Dhillon on Assault on Trump Supporters: ‘It Was Like a Third World Country’ from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

We believe the order came from the top, the mayor Sam Liccardo, the chief of police, we believe they were involved. The district court did dismiss those two from the case and we don’t get to appeal that until the end of the case but several police supervisors are now defendants in this case and hopefully will be held accountable for what they did that day.

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