Dhillon on Trump Rally for Midterm Elections

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Trump’s Midterms Rally

According to Dhillon:

Trump is like the Michelangelo of the art form of political rallies. Its his third visit to Pennsylvania and from the RNC perspective, what we can tell you is that every time he does one of these rallies, it drives volunteers and contributions and enthusiasm in those states. The liberals, the mainstream media says he’s just talking to his base. And they are wrong. This makes a big difference. Americans all over the country love to watch these rallies and it turns out the voters. He’s campaigning for the candidates and for America. You heard him say all the ticking off the 4.1%. The 3.4 million people have gotten jobs. The 3.5 million who have gone the off of food stamps. The numbers don’t lie. This is an amazing energetic event like all of his rallies are.

Dhillon Discusses Trump Rally with Lou Dobbs from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

I’m from San Francisco. If you can see a smile on my face as a Republican watching this rally. That’s how powerful this is. We have our share of dower figures. The generation is turning over. The energy is there, and young people are coming into the party as a result of this. People are tired of losing. Democrats get out there and they lie, they get out there with their demagoguery and hate. We are fighting it with optimism, positive energy and winning. It shows Americans are looking at their paychecks. They are seeing their 401ks soaring. We had an American company hit a trillion today. It’s winning, winning, wing all day long.

That’s what I hear when I leave California and come to America. I’m hearing people, whether they are taxi drivers or Uber drivers, people in grocery stores. They are excited. They are not hearing any new ideas out of the Democrats. The Democrats are talking about abolishing I.C.E. Most of Americans want criminals locked up and if they are from out of this country to be deported. They don’t want free range illegal aliens in this country. What the Democrats have been promising for many years, the forgotten places in America like the rust belt. They see that. The warmth is there. I see more and more. Every time I leave California, I’m feeling the love all over the country.

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