Dhillon on 2018 Midterm Elections

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss the Midterm Elections

According to Dhillon:

They say it because they are out of ideas. They’ve got nothing. I mean the year of the woman was 2016, by the way, didn’t work very well for the Democrats. They tried to use gender to catapult an otherwise bad candidate across the finish line and it didn’t work. I am a woman business owner and I can tell you that woman or man, everybody who is a business owner or who works for a living looks at their 401(k), looks at their rising salary, looks at job competition from people who are not in the country, who are not citizens, and everybody factors those things in, so it is very passe for leaders to say that women should be voting according to their lady parts, as opposed to with their brains, with their pocketbooks, and voting for their futures. Our party does need to do a good job, though, of defining those issues that all Americans care about. Particularly people who have households, are caring about health care, they’re caring about safety, and we can do a better job in Congress in making sure that we pass ObamaCare, making sure that we get border security, the issues like that. That is what women, men care about. We all care about it.

Dhillon Discusses the Midterm Elections with Laura Ingraham from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

Abortion. That is the word you are searching for. Why didn’t you say it?

The type of candidates the Democrats are fielding in this election cycle are the extreme, unfortunately. These younger women, who are standing for socialism, like Casio Cortez, women who are far left, women who want to abolish ICE, women who are open borders, women who are abortion extremists. Frankly, I don’t think that message will resonate with the majority of the voters. The majority of voters are are somewhere in the middle. I hope that I’m correct that these young women, attractive, good-looking candidates, aren’t necessarily going to get a vote in November but that depends on Republicans to field people with better ideas.

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