Dhillon on Big Tech, Free Speech

Big Tech, Free Speech

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ To Discuss Big Tech, Free Speech

According to Dhillon:

Well, we hear it every other day and Tucker I am not delusional and people are actually discriminating against conservatives every day in this way. And they’re gaslighting us by saying “Oh, it was just a mistake.” You imagine that. The chilling effect that occurs every time this happens publicly is that it keeps normal conservatives far from the boundaries. It keeps them from saying anything that they think might be controversial and because these rules that they have are unwritten and constantly evolving and being made up all the time they make a mockery of the concept of the of contract between consenting adults and they, simply, people don’t know where they stand. It’s really Orwellian type of a situation.

You will. Republicans are ignoring this at their peril. I feel like Cassandra. I keep saying this. We are going to lose every single election going forward if we don’t put a stop to this bias. Now, you know, some either conservatives who are being paid off by Big Tech or simply ill-informed say “Oh, well, this is just competition. This is just the market. If you don’t like Twitter or you don’t like Facebook go make your own.” These are all statements made by people who have never started their own companies and who are paid by think tanks. They don’t know what it means to start a business. That’s ludicrous. These companies have all built themselves up to the point of monopoly power on the back of protectionist government regulations, Communications Decency Act Section 230 and others. Now that they have gotten there and they’ve crowded out everybody else, they are now changing the rules on us. So, from last year Facebook advertising that it was going to allow controversial pages on the right and on the left up so there could be a dialogue. Today they are simply snuffing out people completely. Now they are snuffing out people who probably you or I don’t necessarily hang out with, listen, to or follow or like. That’s not the point and that’s how they are doing it. They’re testing the waters. So, nobody protested when it was Alex Jones, now they’re not protesting with a few more. Pretty soon it’s going to be people closer to you or me, or even one of us ourselves be in silence.

Exactly. It may be too late.

Thanks, Tucker.

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