Dhillon on Russia Investigation and Obama-ERA Spying

Russia Investigation and Obama-ERA Spying

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss the Russia Investigation and Obama-ERA Spying

According to Dhillon:

Clearly, the Attorney General made the correct decision yesterday, anybody who saw that spectacle of Congressman Cohen eating the fried chicken there and just waving this chicken around and making a fool of himself. Anybody who’s actually testified in front of a hostile, in fact I testified on House Judiciary last year and I had the same reaction like “OMG! These are the people governing us. It’s unbelievable.” I lost a lot of respect for them that day and I lost even more yesterday. But what can you say? They all, one after the other be clown themselves, make fools of themselves and frankly mock their own institution. There was no sense of gravitas or dignity. To be fair to the Attorney General, this is not about him. The personal attacks were born by him and aimed at him. This is not about him; this is about this Democrats fearing the coming onslaught of negative attention of their bad acts.

Spy on them abroad and really go out of their way using deceptive tactics without any evidence. We’re going to find out a lot more. There’s a lot that the public doesn’t know yet about this. Americans are going to be shocked beyond how shocked we already are. The Attorney General himself seems to be pretty disturbed about this and he is the right man for the job at the right time to uncover all of this. On coming weeks, we’re going to see three different Inspector General reports come out on different topics and they’re going to directly implicate not just the top tier of the FBI (not all of them, but just the rotten apples there), but also the Democrats who colluded with them, have tried to frame them, that their anger and their irrational explosions of vitriol over the last couple of days show, to use Herman Cain’s word from earlier in your show, desperation. They’re desperate, they’re like rats, they’re cornered and baring their teeth. I am praying for us to all come out as a country on the other side with some respected tact for these institutions that have been so degraded by the misbehavior of these Democrats.

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