Dhillon on Censored Google for China

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ with Liz MacDonald To Discuss Google’s China Plans.

According to Dhillon:

Censorship is in the water over there at Google, or maybe it’s just profits. You can’t blame them for wanting to tap into the Chinese market, but the cost of that is that they are going to be enabling the censorship of almost a billion people. The way this is going to work is that they are going to use their app on the android phone service, which is something that 95% of Chinese who access the internet use, and use that to impose Chinese government controls on certain terms. But more insidious than that Liz is that any company that does business in China has to hand over information to the government about its users. So, if for example somebody in China using the phone tries to search for human rights violations or a dissident or something else that the government doesn’t like, the government can and will find out about it. That’s what it is and the Chinese government has a right to update that list regularly. To be fair to the employees of Google, apparently the same people who are upset about the Pentagon, are outraged Google about this, but Google is moving forward full speed ahead apparently, and it’s ready to roll out.

Dhillon Discusses Google with Liz MacDonald from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

I couldn’t agree more with Senator Rubio, but its worse than what I’ve just said. They are also setting up an Artificial Intelligence development program and lab in China in conjunction with a favored Chinese company over there. Artificial Intelligence is obviously the next wave and they are doing this abroad. Presumably this will be technology they develop that will not be related by the United States government and ultimately it could be used in warfare and could be used to undermine American interests. Many smart people have said that China is a bigger threat to American national security than Russia is and we hear about Russia all day and people are not paying attention to the Chinese threat.

This is the hypocrisy. On the one hand they brutally suppress and humiliate their own workers who dissent from their orthodoxy, they refuse to help their own country and now in pursuit of the dollar or other currency they are willing to help countries that are inimical to ours. What is next? Are they going to help other regimes that are inimical to the United States supress their people? This is very scary and what happens if the biggest customer of Google turns out to be China and China says you know what? we don’t want the terms appearing in your chrome browser in the United States or in countries, or in countries adjoining China. That’s not far-fetched. If your pocketbook is driving your business decisions, that’s going to be what happens next. Other companies have refrained from doing business in China because of this data thing and now maybe other people will get in there too.

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