Dhillon on Dems Attacks

Dems Attacks

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Dems Attacks

According to Dhillon:

Lou, I think you and I are both veterans in commenting on these political issues. But I think yesterday was definitely the lowest day I’ve seen in American history in my memory in terms of divisive rhetoric from the left. And at a time when people should be talking about healing and thinking about the survivors and the victims and what we can do to fix this situation going forward, Democrats run to the zero-sum game and view this as an opportunity to attack the president. It’s really disgusting, it’s going to have long-term effects on these communities. And out of all of these people, the president is only one who does not try to divide us according to race. These others, be it Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke or any of the others, Joaquin Castro, trying to demagogue the president’s supporters. All of them are race-baiting in a despicable way with lasting consequences.

The president is exactly right. I mean, you know, he is trying to focus on the victims and the survivors, and move forward and try to brush off what these crazy Democrats are doing. Look, there have been many shootings under democratic presidents, and many shootings that have been inspired by Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren was the hero of Dayton shooter. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric has been echoed in the mouths of all of these Antifa people including the Tacoma bomber, and others. Yet you don’t see any Republicans blaming those politicians for those despicable acts because it’s not appropriate. It’s not American to do that. And so, I hope we’re able to move beyond this period but I kind of doubt it. It seems like Democrats have latched on to this as a talking point in a way to get votes, and they’re doing it over the bodies of dead Americans. That is really disgusting, Lou.

Well, this is not without precedent, Lou. Of course, we’ve seen many Republicans over the last few years, you know, Paul Ryan and others kind of play this Marquess of Queensberry Rules, when the left long since abandoned any shred of decency. And today what any sane person needs to learn from the mob, is that you can never bend your knee to the mob and apologize to them because they will simply take it as the beginning of a further negotiation to eliminate you. Just today, Twitter, actually the last 24 hours, Twitter took the official campaign account of Mitch McConnell, the number 2 most powerful Republican in the United States, offline because McConnell was trying to document threats against him. There is no doubt we’re in an absolute digital civil war in this country and Republicans need to be prepared to stand up and fight back or live on their knees, and I’m not prepared to do that, Lou.

Well, you know, there’s a lot of criticism from the left and even from conservative establishment of talks of regulating these companies. My simple solution is – take away the immunity that they have that other companies don’t have – that Fox News doesn’t have, that any other corporation in America has. The Communications Decency Act needs to be clarified and the Attorney General could issue a statement about that, the president could issue a statement about that. But, also hold these companies accountable through normal standards – if they’re lying to consumers (which they are), if they’re stealing data, if they’re breaking their own contracts with consumers, they can be sued, they should be sued, they should be regulated for that. I think that’s very simple and it needs to be done yesterday, Lou.

My pleasure, thank you.

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