Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss Rep. Joaquin Castro Tweets

Harmeet Dhillon


Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss Rep. Joaquin Castro Tweets

From Harmeet:

In a time when, I would say, yesterday was one of the most divisive days ever on Twitter, this is the day that this Congressman shows to pour gasoline on a dumpster fire of confusion and divisiveness on the Internet. This is part of a long history of this type of behavior by Democrats that has been dating back to NAACP v. Button, where Democrat bigots tried to force donors to the NAACP to out themselves. What we have seen here is that this type of campaign finance disclosure, although it is available if you dig deep into the Internet, is being weaponized by a member of Congress on a bad day like yesterday where people are pointing fingers at each other was really designed to incite hatred against these supporters of Donald Trump and has no place in politics. And even a lot of Democratic commentators and members of the media found this to be irresponsible.

[Castro] is calling for people to dox and harass these people. What’s really sad is that the majority of those people he chose to single out are not billionaires or plutocrats or fatcats or even CEOs. They are owners of small businesses, many are retired, some are homemakers. This is despicable. If we see this in other districts, I think you will see a backlash against Democrats who do this. This is not the proper use of campaign-finance information. Campaign-finance information was meant to be disclosed to make sure we don’t have dark money, that we don’t have corporations trying to infect the process and buy votes and buy political support. It is not meant to shame, embarrass and invite harassment of retirees. It’s ridiculous.

Giving contributions, and I’m talking about 2,800 Dollars, to Donald Trump is a protected campaign activity. It is an American activity. I don’t want to see any Republians trying to do this by the way to Democrat donors, it’s totally irresponsible. Ask Steve Scalise. Steve Scalise in Congress came out and pointed out that this divisive rhetoric and hatred caused him to be shot and almost lose his life. He is still disabled from that. And so for another member of Congress to blithely invite this type of violence and harassment is really troubling. I think he really needs to take a look inside himself and take a timeout from Twitter.


Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer, trusted boardroom advisor, and passionate advocate for individual, corporate and institutional clients across numerous industries and walks of life. Her focus is in commercial litigation, employment law, First Amendment rights, and election law matters.
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