Dhillon Discusses MGM Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuit

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ Liz MacDonald Wall Street’ To Discuss MGM’s Lawsuit to Las Vegas Massacre Victims

According to Dhillon:

Some hotel employees, like housekeepers, have said they were uneasy with this, somebody bringing this amount of armament a single person up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs, up and down the elevators, a dozen times or more is clearly negligence on part of the hotel for not bring pointing that out and doing something about it.

Dhillon Discusses MGM’s Lawsuit on The Evening Edit from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

Clearly nobody ran this by their public relations team, because they are taking a beating publicly, but it’s a declaratory judgement action. It’s an extremely aggressive move on part of defendants to affirmatively have a court say all the lawsuits filed against them are not valid, so I understand it from a business point of view, except that the arguments made in this lawsuit are frankly borderline frivolous. The Safety Act, which is the Federal law in which they are relying, is an act passed after 9/11 to give government contract approved contractors who provide security services immunity in the case of deploying certain technologies in a terrorist attack. So, number one, you have to prove you are a government contractor, which MGM isn’t and number two, you have to prove that it’s terrorist attack. In a unseemly fashion that contractor they did hire has been lobbying government to declare this action a terrorist act so that contractor can be relieved of liability, but I don’t really see how MGM gets in on that defense, and frankly their lawyers have admitted in their filing that it’s a novel issue and no court has ruled that the law can be used that way.

There is such little information that government is giving out about this situation, we all have a lot of questions. But, you know terrorism is a fairly narrowly defined action that has to do with certain political activism. There is no proof, frankly, at-this-point that is anything other than a violent, crazy mad man who had murder on his mind. That is different than terrorism.

It’s odd, it’s a stunt, and it’s preemptively a way of showing what their defenses will be and in court. But, you know, public policy does not permit people to get out of their own negligence.

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