Dhillon on Illegal Alien Voting Rights

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends First’ To Discuss Voting Rights of Illegal Aliens in Portland, Maine.

According to Dhillon:

I am a legal immigrant to this country and throughout the united states, there’s only a handful of cities that allow non-citizens to vote, and the reason people are opposed to this is that obviously you make a commitment to this country, take an oath to this country, and put this country’s interests first, which you can’t really do if you have a divided loyalty, and you know, of course in San Francisco, where I live, we’re taking it one step further with allowing illegal aliens to register to vote starting this month and that raises some very troubling questions about who is going to be making decisions for our localities.

Dhillon Discusses Illegal Alien Voting Rights on Fox from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The perception by the Democrats is that aliens, particularly illegal aliens are more likely to vote democratic once they become citizens. And hey! Now we can take a shortcut. We don’t have to wait for them to become citizens, we can just let them vote now and, you know, vote for the Progressive policies, more money, more taxes etc..

In San Francisco, for example, Illegal aliens are now being registered to be able to vote in school board elections. And so, they’ll be able to control budgets, hiring and firing decisions, you know a number of regulations like that. Now, I’m sure the next step is going to be in a slippery slope to allow them to vote for supervisors, mayor, why not? The argument is, they live in our jurisdiction, shouldn’t they have a say? Well, no. Felons don’t have a say in elections in most states, and people who simply don’t have that right should not have that say. They are not permanently committed to being Americans or in that jurisdiction. Portland is looking at allowing people who are here, quote on quote, legally temporarily, but, in fact, most asylum applicants do not get approved and many of them are fake from some of these countries. So the push is by a city councilman who is an illegal alien originally himself from Ghana, who wants this. So, you know, ultimately citizens I think have to really fight this and say that we want people voting in our elections who are here, committed to the US, sworn to uphold our constitution and allegiance to our flag only and not people who are citizens with divided allegiance to other jurisdictions.

For the community members, I would say, “Work towards being a citizen. Being a citizen of the United States is a great privilege and an honor and something that is precious and should be taken seriously as such, and if you’re here legally, you can become that. Of course, if you’re here illegally, you have got a very different challenge under current law and you know that’s as it should be as well. You should go back to your country and apply legally and wait in line like the many people who did come here legally.”

Ultimately, I think that is the most important message, but also citizens of these jurisdictions, they need to take charge. We have some voter apathy in our country, people need to come out and vote. The reason why we have illegal aliens being able to vote in San Francisco is because, after being rejected twice a third time around, in a low turnout election, a slight majority of voters voted for that, and I am sure you will see and expansion of this in liberal jurisdictions throughout the United States, naturally people who are here with less of a stake are going to be more interested in voting for more benefits for themselves, more support for legal and illegal aliens and so forth.

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