Dhillon on Facebook Audit

Facebook Audit

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ To Discuss Facebook Audit

According to Dhillon:

Well, I think it doesn’t go far enough. I think it’s actually a fairly shallow effort and more designed to placate conservatives than to actually acknowledge and address the issues that are rampant in Facebook’s content moderation and its ad filtering, and its suspending of people with vague policies and inequitable application of those rules, and its human resources across the board. And so, I don’t think it does much of anything.

Well, I don’t think it’s that hard. I think it requires honesty and decency, and it requires transparency. None of those things are present here. For example, for example simply hiring a former senator who is now a lobbyist to have his law firm interview a bunch of people over several months and then make a report about it, it doesn’t do anything. What Facebook needs to do is acknowledge that 90% plus of its employees who apply these rules are biased. That the rules are vague and biased. That the rules have been applied inequitably against conservatives. And that as a result of this vagueness and inequitable kind of regime, people are censoring themselves and the quality of their Facebook experience is really decreased as well as the transparency of everything that they do. And, that is unattractive from a product point of view. But from a point of view of speech and regulation, I think it really gives the impression to conservatives that they’re being discriminated against. That remains so after this fairly shallow, white-washed report.

That’s right. We’re not going to be fooled by this. What they need to do is name the problem, acknowledge it, and take steps to resolve it rather than throw a report at it. Nobody is being fooled by this.

They should have transparency who they ban and why, so that people can study that and comment on it. They don’t have that right now. They should have clear rules. So, one the things that this report identified which is a very obvious problem is that they forced non-profits to describe themselves as political entities in order to run ads which jeopardizes their non-profit status. Now, they claim they’ve changed that but they keep changing the rules right before an election, right before somebody wants to buy ads. And, it’s always conservatives who seem to be banned. Pro-life groups…

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