Dhillon on San Francisco Adopting New Language for Criminals

San Francisco Adopting New Language for Criminals

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss San Francisco Adopting New Language for Criminals

According to Dhillon:

Thanks Shannon. Well, the board of supervisors who could be known as gibberish-involved persons have passed this law but they are trying to distract from the reality of Prop 47 which released a flood of criminals back onto our streets by downgrading offenses. This city has the number one most property crimes per capita than any city in the United States and anybody who lives in this city including myself has personally experienced car break-ins, homeless people, violent homeless people, drug addicts, and a general crime wave around the city. So, instead of focusing on fixing that — and yes, providing services and helping reintegrate these people, we’re just going to use Orwellian newspeak and doublespeak and just call it something different. Shannon, the person who actually introduced this law to our board of supervisors, scarily enough, is the former chairman of the board of education. So, you know, this lady was in charge of teaching children on the curriculum of making sure that that was accurate. So, you could see what a sad situation we have here in San Francisco where we can’t even call things by what they are.

Well, talk is cheap, Shannon. I’m actually a civil rights lawyer. I’m in favor of people who have served their time being allowed to reintegrate to vote and participate fully in society. But just whitewashing this problem by calling them something different does not provide them reentry services, does not provide them help for Anti-Recidivism, it simply brushes a problem under the table. We have a serious problem here in San Francisco, and by the way all over California with large amounts of recidivist criminals on the streets and they are criminals if they have a propensity to continue after they have not yet been fully rehabilitated. We ought to balance the rights of those individuals who have absolutely have rights with the rights of the rest of us. I think if Ethan and others don’t want to call them criminals and want to hire them, God bless you, go ahead and do that, but language and sort of making it unpopular or unprofessional to call something by what it is dangerous as well. I don’t think it’s fair to people to do that. Virtue signaling is exactly the right concept. All we’re doing here is making liberals in San Francisco feel better about a problem that they are not solving.

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