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Free Speech

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ To Discuss Free Speech

According to Dhillon:

Well, Republican or Democrat, Neil, this is a shocking display of amazing ignorance by this congresswoman of the Constitution, of our statutory scheme, and of the principles that made America great, and as a country from the beginning of its founding. I can’t even grapple with this. I’m against litmus tests but maybe we should start having a litmus test that members of Congress should be able to pass the same test that people who are applying for naturalization of citizenship have to apply. As an immigrant, myself and my parents, anybody who wants to become a citizen knows that the First Amendment for this type of outrageous proposal that she’s proposing.

Well, you know, the fact that she said this stupid and outrageous thing is a testament to the power of incumbency. One can only say such a dumb thing if one feels that no matter what you say you are going to get re-elected. I think that’s her situation. Look, Neil, you and I probably both get trolled daily. I certainly get rolled hundreds of times a day by people who don’t like what I say and the positions I take as an attorney.

So what, you know, grow a thicker skin. This is not a place for snowflakes. You know, just to make a point that happened today, there was a critic of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez named mini AOC, a little girl who was staging photo ops. She removed herself from Twitter today and her parents put out a statement saying they were forced to do that because of death threats from the congresswoman’s critics, congresswoman’s supporters. That’s outrageous and that is the natural result of this type of demagoguery and ignorance of the Constitution from our elected leaders. Democrat or Republican, people need to be having a thicker skin and respect for the Constitution if they’re in power.

Same to you, Neil.

Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer, trusted boardroom advisor, and passionate advocate for individual, corporate and institutional clients across numerous industries and walks of life. Her focus is in commercial litigation, employment law, First Amendment rights, and election law matters.
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