Dhillon on NY Bill Allowing Congress to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

NY Bill Allowing Congress to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss NY Bill Allowing Congress to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

According to Dhillon:

Thanks Shannon. I think this is a deeply cynical bill and a problem in search of a solution, Shannon. The reality is that even Congress is not allowed to ask for an individual’s tax returns without a proper legislative purpose. There is no proper legislative purpose for seeking the private citizens tax returns from before he became a politician and before he decided personally that he wanted to offer them, so this so-called workaround is making a mockery of our separation of powers and our system of checks and balances. In fact, the problem here for the state senator is that the president is actually seeking to block this unconstitutional interference and the invasion of his privacy, so the state thinks that they can help by doing this “Workaround.” Democrats should be very careful what they doing here next, it’s a Pandora’s box. Persecuting this particular president is inevitably going to result to escalation and more records and personal records. What’s going to be next, New York? Are we going to offer the medical records of people you don’t like to the Senate if the opposing party or the house of the opposing party asked for it? This is a really bad precedent and I’m sure it’s going to actually end up failing the way that the effort and the house is going too as well.

Sure, absolutely. There is definitely some transfer between one and the other, but I think maybe the Democrats and the House are smarter than I’m giving them credit for because they realize that it’s going to be turned around as fair play for them. But, given the new standards and the courts that we’re going to use the words of politicians against used against them when determining the constitutionality of statutes, what Senator Hoylman just said on your show and what he said earlier today to the media proves my point. He is out in a witch hunt for the president and this has specifically targeted him in curiosity amusing about what he did back, way back when, and that is a fatal flaw. I welcome the opportunity to see that litigated in the courts.

So what? Privacy rights.

Privacy rights – this is America. Thank you.

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