Dhillon on Mueller Hearing

Mueller Hearing

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Mueller Hearing

According to Dhillon:

Thanks, Lou. Well, Lou, before the break you had, a montage of different liberal commentators talking about and then I think they were actually kind of soft pedaling what a disaster this was. Not only did we actually, they were saying we didn’t learn anything new here, we did learn something new. Like you said, we’ve learned that Robert Mueller had very little involvement apparently in this entire investigation and that he was in fact just to figure head on top of it. It was embarrassing, it was painful to watch, Lou. It was like the worst combination of defensiveness, evasiveness and senility. It was really very difficult to watch that. But, at the end of the day, what Republicans have been saying all along is still true. There was no obstruction, no collusion, and it’s time for Democrats to move on. I think actually one of the big winners here today may be Nancy Pelosi, believe it or not, because Nancy has been kind of against this whole impeachment thing. And now, I think she’s going to be able to tell her members that they need to focus on their agenda, and of course Republicans need to focus on ours as well. We need to solve infrastructure, we need to solve healthcare, we need to solve immigration, and so many other things in this country, Lou.

We have really come a long place in this country where we have this kind of division and it’s really unfortunate but I thank God every day that we have a united party which is supporting the president. Now, I’d love to see some more action from Congress and actually move some of our policy agenda forward. But American people, Lou, these polls are showing zero percent of them think that Russia is a factor that they want to hear about in the upcoming election. They want to hear about making this country even better and solving these problems.

That’s right. Well, and you left off your list political violence in the streets, Antifa which is inspired by the rhetoric of AOC and her cohorts there. So, I’m very worried about this upcoming election between the social media censorship and the political violence, and the absolute demagoguery and lies from the Democrats, you know we are as divided as ever. But, I think, the majority of Americans will continue to support what the president is offering. The economic numbers are amazing as you pointed out. People are beginning to see some of the effects of this illegal immigration and other issues, and even some of the Democrats are beginning to crossover on this, Kyrsten Sinema for example is in favor of deporting people who are here and have been adjudicated. And so, we just have to keep at it, Lou. We can’t be deterred by this sideshow and this nonsense, but I think one thing that happened today is people are to wake tonight on the Democratic side because I think impeachment died today and which is a great news for America. Time to move forward.

I agree with you, Lou. They have exposed themselves. I mean, they are public enemy and the political strategist says today’s debacle was, you know, it provided further for the campaign for the advertising for the upcoming campaign. But, the patriot in me and the citizen in me says that, you know, it is time to return to where we are working together and moving past this. And I know that’s a pipe dream with the current crew but I think you’re going to see some electoral consequences from this sideshow. I mean, even as a hardened partisan watching today’s questioning of Mueller and seeing some of these Democrats stumble over their questions and not getting the answers they wanted. They own themselves and ultimately that’s president’s superpower. He’s actually been able to make these Democrats look foolish themselves and I hope that will play out in the election.

Thank you, Lou. We’re happy warriors – thank you, Lou.

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