Harmeet Dhillon & Andy Ngo Discuss Antifa


Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon & Andy Ngo Appear on FBN’s ‘Making Money With Charles Payne’ To Discuss Antifa

According to Dhillon:

Well, we are waiting for law enforcement to do their part of the job here which is to arrest these people. You’re correct, Charles. A lot of people have been clearly identified. Many of them are repeat players in the Antifa scene. I’m surprised and disappointed that there have been no arrests as yet. But I will suspend judgment until we get further down the road.

I would say not at this point. I think the standing attitude of the Portland management – city management is to not do anything to protect the citizens. We’ve seen that time and again, because of the national outcry as a result of Andy’s attack, I think they’re under a lot of pressure now. I’m not sure they’re handling it very well. They’re mainly concerned about apologizing and defending the police as opposed to actually arresting the criminals.

Well we have been asked to meet with some lawmakers on the Hill who are concerned about what happened, about domestic terrorism in our country. So, we’re here to tell them about Andy’s story, and then cooperate in whatever efforts may be coming after the upcoming legislative break. That is all I can say about it right now.

I can’t, but I’m sure that there may be some announcement after our meetings about it. But you know as it is on Capitol Hill, obviously it’s a bipartisan situation. So, any discussion of Antifa…

No. No. So, what I want to say is whenever there is talk about this type of Antifa violence you’re going to have some whataboutism from the left and people on the other side saying “What about this, what about that?” I can’t say what the outcome of this is going to be at this point. But hopefully, we will be getting some more attention on this and on the complicity of people in the government. I mean Keith Ellison has been seen photographed with some of these Antifa leaders and praising their handbook and stuff. So, I think this is like a national level issue now. We really need – we appreciate the national intention on him.

You’re welcome.

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