Dhillon on Amazon and AI

Amazon and AI

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Making Money With Charles Payne’ To Discuss Amazon, AI

According to Dhillon:

Absolutely. As a lawyer who practices labor and employment law, I can tell you that Amazon had issues with employees, the way it treats them in these warehouses way before this news broke. The combination of artificial intelligence really allows Amazon to brutalize its employees. Employees who work at these warehouses have told me they’re afraid to use the bathroom. They’re monitored every second. God forbid this type of inhumane treatment of workers comes to other industries. It would really devastate the way we treat each other in the workplace.

Exactly, Charles. When I was hearing the story, if you weren’t listening closely and you thought it was about Google rather than Apple, you would you not be surprised because this is exactly the type of behavior that Google has been accused of, an anti-competitive squeezing out its competitors on its own platform. To your question about whether there’s an illegal remedy, sure, it’s a potential antitrust violation. It is an unfair business practice under state and federal law. It could be potentially theft of intellectual property if that can be proven. There are a number of issues that Apple could face in the courts or in the regulatory environment for doing this type of thing. The EU is going to crack down much harder on that, much quicker than our American legal system. Washington is little more bogged down with the lobbyists, and a little bit harder to get things done there.

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