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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Subpoenas

According to Dhillon:

Sometimes it’s hard to expose somebody’s hypocrisy but they have their bias and dishonesty in full view. It is Department of Justice’s protocol and long-standing history and tradition that if you’re calling a DOJ official or somebody who worked at the DOJ to testify about something that he did on the job which is what they’re trying to do with John Gore who headed up the office of Civil Rights and the DOJ at the beginning of the administration. You allow them to have a lawyer next to them for the purpose of objecting to questions that may get into attorney-client privilege, executive privilege or other privilege. It would be frankly malpractice for the Attorney General to allow him to testify without that. So, the fact that the Congress is trying to insist that the person come and testify without the protection they are entitled to is outrageous.

What is disappointing is, I hope they know, they cannot do these things they claim that they can do. In the 1800s, officials were jailed until they started filing writ of mandamus, court said you can’t do that there is no Due Process. That has not been done in a very long time, the very rare occasions where Congress has tried to do this in the last 30-40 years, they’ve all been thrown out of court. There are a couple of examples. One was ultimately convicted of something else completely. Then, Gorsuch, they failed. Good luck. It’s all for the cameras but they cannot jail any of these Trump officials. That is not happening.

Many things are interesting about Rod Rosenstein’s speech yesterday to a private group openly criticizing the Obama Administration and this fairly new issue, a lot of Americans don’t know about this, but absolutely the Obama Administration was aware of the attempted Russian hacking. It’s frankly something that Russians and other governments have tried to do before every election so they should have been aware of it and tried to protect our country from that, they didn’t and now nobody talks about it. But Mr. Rosenstein, who has his own motives, is under attack from both sides including a lot of Republican attack for the allegations that he wanted to wear a wire against the President, and appointing Comey in the first place, this whole hysteria of investigation that should never have occurred. So, he is under a lot of attack, maybe he’s trying to change the subject.

The fact that the Russians appear to accomplished their goal. If their goal was to disrupt the American government, they did that with the approval of a prior government that did not do its job to protect our electorate and protect the American people.

Right. Back to Brennan and the earlier point, in my opinion the word ‘coup’ is absolutely the correct word. There was an attempted coup against this government, this duly elected president. It failed and now the rats are scampering away with the sunlight is being shown on them.

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