Dhillon on Voting Rights for Prisoners

Prisoner Voting RIghts

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News @Night’ To Discuss Voting Rights for Prisoners

According to Dhillon:

The perspectives of prisoners are already being represented by the Democrats running for President right now – they do a really good job of representing that wing of our society. That said, I think most Americans including many Democrats are spoken to about this, believe that it is fair that when you are serving time for a crime for which you have been duly convicted, you lose many of your rights. Not all of your rights, but many of your rights. They can be restored according to different legal regimes in our country and different policy prescriptions based on having served your time and being out. I personally don’t believe that felons should permanently lose the right to vote but definitely when they are incarcerated and a lifer like the Boston Marathon bomber, or someone on death row, you should lose that right permanently. That is totally fair, and they don’t understand who Bernie thinks he is pandering to here with this policy issue. By the way, I really disrespect Kamala Harris for not taking a position on it. We should have that conversation. That was her response to this? No. What is your conclusion about this, it’s not that hard.

The problem is that there is a huge scandal in the lack of worth and the whole cost of education issue but I think Elizabeth Warren is looking at the wrong side of this. The problem is, colleges are selling garbage. That is why people are not able to pay back their loans because their degrees are often worthless and they are really being sold a bill of goods. That is a problem. We need to allow this debt to be forgivable in bankruptcy. That will actually make lenders a lot more careful about whether they are lending money to people who can afford to pay it back one day. I think colleges should have some risk and have to forgive the debt if the person can’t get a job with a garbage degree that the college is peddeling.

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